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Not too long ago I was visiting with my Business/Tax Attorney.  Knowing that I am a development coach (actually ), he recommended a book to me.  The name of the book he recommended was The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly.   He told me that it was a short, quick read.   He enjoyed it and thought that I would too.

When someone takes the time to think of me and recommend a book, I take it seriously so I purchased and downloaded the Kindle version of it that very day.

The book is about  a company that had huge turnover and realizing what that was costing them they decided to do something about it.  As the title suggests they set their focus on developing a dream manager position, a cross between a coach and financial adviser.  Their focus was turned towards helping their employees get actively engaged in the company.  To do this the dream manager would help the employees realize their dreams.

Although much of what they did might sound counter productive or perhaps opposite of what might be in the best interest of the organization the results they achieved were astounding for both the organization and the employees where the company became “the-best-version-of-itself” and many of the employees became “the-best-version of him/herself”.  Matthew Kelly did a fantastic job portraying the initial concerns of the owner as well as his transformation and all out support and unexpected contributions.  In the end he truly realized the value of the Dream Manager, and not just in terms of the additional profit his company and team was generating.

After the story concludes, there is a section in the book called “Getting Started –  Applications and Tools”.  As Matthew states it, “This section has been designed as a practical guide to applying the concepts and principles of The Dream Manager to your team, organization, and life.”  Here you will find some very helpful information.

If you are looking to reengage your employees and building a new breed of loyalty,  I highly recommend you read The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly  and consider hiring your own dream manager.

Not not quite ready to hire your own dream manager?  Contact me and let’s talk about how I might help.

A Few of my Favorite Quotes from The Dream Manager

“The earlier we start dreaming and the more mentors and friends we have who urge us on toward our dreams, the richer our lives become” – Greg, the company’s owner.

“After all his time as a Dream Manager, he had realized that there is an evolution to the way we dream.  In the beginning, we choose small dreams, realize them, and then move on to bigger dreams.”  – Sean, the company’s Dream Manager

“Helping people chase and fulfill their dreams is one of the primary functions of all relationships.” – Simon, the company’s GM who developed the idea of a Dream Manager

“This new breed of loyalty will be built on the principle of adding value.   An employee is responsible for adding value to the life of a company, and a company is responsible for adding value to the life of an employee.” – Matthew Kelly


We all have thoughts and physical realities come forth as a result of our thinking. So we want to act on our inspired thoughts, dreams and visions. Mobilize them, feel them, and see them as if we have already achieved them. I help others do just that mobilize their inspired thoughts.


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