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The Dream Manager

• August 15, 2013 • Comments (0)

Not too long ago I was visiting with my Business/Tax Attorney.  Knowing that I am a development coach (actually ), he recommended a book to me.  The name of the book he recommended was The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly.   He told me that it was a short, quick read.   He enjoyed it and thought that I would too.

When someone takes the time to think of me and recommend a book, I take it seriously so I purchased and downloaded the Kindle version of it that very day.

The book is about  a company that Read more…

We all have thoughts and physical realities come forth as a result of our thinking. So we want to act on our inspired thoughts, dreams and visions. Mobilize them, feel them, and see them as if we have already achieved them. I help others do just that mobilize their inspired thoughts.


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