Most likely you possess many of these qualities:


However, you might also be experiencing:


Of course you always have:

Of course you have family, friends, colleagues, or perhaps even an employee or two.  All of them support you (most of the time) but sometimes they are just too emotionally involved, have their own biases and opinions, or just can’t understand what it’s like to be where you are, experiencing what you are experiencing, facing what you are facing, or deciding what you need to decide.  Sound familiar?

What would really be beneficial:

What would really be beneficial is someone who is trained in the art of listening in a co-creative environment to be detached from the outcome and would just listen and ask powerful thought provoking questions that would help you discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve.  This person would help (azar) you through your process of development (evolution) mobilizing your inspired thoughts so that you can generate solutions and strategies from your own knowing, wisdom, and vision.    Not only that, this person could help you with your own accountability, if you so desired.

I would like to be that person.

Hi, I’m Rodney Koons, Thought Mobilizer,  and I help growth oriented small business owners develop their inspired thoughts, so they can more efficiently manifest their visions of contribution, prosperity, and balance.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs typically have to do a lot with limited resources, often times being pulled in all directions at the same time with everything being a priority.  I know because I have been there.

While this can be fun and challenging, it can also become overwhelming and stressful, been there too.  I can show you how to enjoy the process that led you to where you are today and accomplish even more by developing your inspired thoughts so that you can transform them into reality and truly experience your visions of contribution, prosperity, and balance.

In short,  I can help you enjoy the process of making more progress.

Why Me?

As a serial entrepreneur and an owner of several small businesses myself, I understand those feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed sometimes, as well as being sort of unbalanced in other areas of my life.  I have always had friends, family, and colleagues all of whom supported me, but most of the time they were either too emotionally attached or had their own bias and opinions.  What I really needed was someone to be detached from the outcome, not fix it, just listen and ask questions that would help me really hear myself and think perhaps from a new perspective.  My coaches did that for me and I made so much more progress than I would have on my own and I enjoyed the process too!

Let’s Talk

I urge you to schedule a complimentary 20-30 minute sample coaching session conducted via the phone right now by clicking on the contact tab in the lower right of the screen then click “Schedule a Call” to pick your preferred date and time.  It is the best way to learn and understand the power and benefits of coaching.  – Be Strong!